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In the frame of the project “Promoting Sustainable Reconstruction and Resolving the Problems of IDPs and Conflict Affected Population in Ukraine” IOM consultants – experts of  non-government organisation “Poruch” Maria Tyshchenko, Oleg Lashchuk, Arsen Kelichavy and Alexander Dluhopolsky have held three-day trainings in communities of twenty different regions of Ukraine: Drohobych, Ivano-Frankivsk, Izium, Novomoskovsk, Pavlograd, Kupiansk, Chuguyiv, Melitopol, Prymorsk, Lutsk, Mariupol, Balakliya, Vinnytsia, Berdychiv, Enerhodar, Turiysk, Boryspil, Ternivka, Sumy.

The project is being implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), funded by the European Union.

The three-day trainings on social interaction, project management and community development were held during the period of March-June 2017 and included simulation games and role playing, lectures, exercises, video case studies on social issues. Government and business representatives of the initiative group learned community communication strategies participating in such practical activities and games as “Public Hearings”, “Different freedoms”, “Levels of Authority”, “Elections” and so on. The Participants learned to choose a leader, to practise methods of management, to take collective decisions through various voting procedures, to seek compromises, to separate the primary goals from the secondary ones. Completing the tasks, they demonstrated the ability to establish communication links with people of all ages, social status and beliefs.

Also, participants were asked to take an active part in discussions on various social experiments to identify key barriers in communication. The trainees were especially interested in gender issues and the question of public choice.
The representatives of the initiative group learned about the key points in writing projects on strategic community development and ways to integrate internally displaced persons, ethnic minorities and people with disabilities into active social life of the host community. The initiative group members analyzed the needs of their communities, especially the interaction with local authorities and discussed the successes and challenges of other social projects implemented in Ukraine.  

The IOM experts mainly applied interactive methods and informal approach to teaching people of all ages and social status, which helped create a friendly atmosphere throughout the day and contributed to the cohesion of the trainees.

The project provides financial support for the integration of IDPs in host communities that are its beneficiaries. Participating communities have been working hard on social integration, identification of internal problems and obstacles of development, definition of basic methods of achieving goals in a calendar year during which they are expected to carry on their activities and receive the necessary funds from the IOM.

The project is to run until June 2018 and cover thirty-five communities, where residents are supposed to receive the necessary resources for cohesion in educational, cultural, sports, environmental and other areas of social interaction.




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