About us

Nongovernmental organization “Poruch” is a community of volunteers who get together to implement charity projects. Organization was founded in 2011, it acts under the Charter.

Our slogan: “We are nearby to help!”

NGO “Poruch” was in established September 27th, 2011. Since then, the NGO has been actively engaging in carrying out a number of social events, educational projects, and training initiatives. Many events were realized with the assistance of the Swedish Institute, Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research, and the European Commission.

The aim of the organization: raising new generation leaders via promoting volunteer movements and contributing to the development of civil society in Ukraine.


– building capacity of civil society organisations by expert and resource support;

– sharing democratic ideas within the society;

– patriotic and intellectual upbringing of youth;

– promoting the development of social innovations and social enterprise;

– spreading and implementing the sustainable development theory;

– organising and participating in research programmes, workshops and conferences concerning socio-humanistic issues;

– fence-mending between citizens and local authorities;

– supporting local communities;

– advancing gender equality in the society.

Employees of organization: full-time – 2; part-time – 9; consultants – 15; trainers – 7; volunteers from different regions of Ukraine – 42; 40 men and 35 women.

The website Poruch.ua provides a free information service for voluntary and community organizations, and also collects addresses of people and organizations that need some help.

You can place your request for assistance here:  http://poruch.ua/category/dopomoga-tut

Information about volunteer initiative can be added to the site by filling out the registration form:  http://poruch.ua/category/volonteram

Poruch.ua is neither commercial nor political project. The service is supported by our coordinators at their own expense.

All volunteers are invited to cooperate!



Untitled-1(3)Mariia Tyshchenko

executive director, expert

Associate professor of the Political Economy Department of Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University, advisor of the National Parliament Deputy in Ukraine, the IOM consultant.

A driving force of social projects “Volunteers’ School”, “Energy of Generations”, “Social Mobilisation for Sustainable Development”, “Donate a Ukrainian Book to the Donbas Libraries”.

She has also been taking part in activities related to the work with student leaders of Kyiv schools and orphans, youth trainings on social enterprise and economic leadership.

An organizer of international conferences “Economy of Sustainable Development”, “Social Responsibility for Sustainable Development”, “The Role of Academic Science in Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship”, Ukrainian business-tournament for students “Company Strategy”, a trainer on “Community Leader” program for newly appointed civil servants of the first and the second categories.

As an expert of IOM project “Supporting Stabilisation of Donbas Communities Affected by the Military Conflict”, she conducted a series of facilitation and training sessions on community development, social cohesion, integration and involvement of IDPs, ethnic minorities as well as people with disabilities into an active social life.

She was also involved in international research projects: the European Commission SEARCH – «Sharing Knowledge Assets: Interregional United Neighbouring Regions”, the project “Local Government in Ukraine: Training and Applied Research” (Norwegian Institute of Regional Development).

Oleg Lashchuk

Chairman of the Board NGO “PORUCH”, expert

President NGO “Federation of franchising development, hospitality and infrastructure”, expert IOM.

2017 – Trainer of IOM project “Supporting Rehabilitation and Sustainable Resolution of the Problems of IDPs and Population Affected by Conflict in Ukraine”
March 2017 – Trainer of Festival of Communities (250 participants from 20 communities of Donbas region) under the support of Embassy of Japan in Ukraine, IOM and UAJC
2016 – Trainer of IOM project “Supporting Stabilization of Donbas Communities Affected by the Military Conflict” conducted a series of facilitation and training sessions on community development, social cohesion, integration and involvement of IDPs, ethnic minorities as well as people with disabilities into an active social life
2016-2017 – Expert of project “Volunteers School”
2016 – Trainer of Festival of Communities (250 participants from Donbas region) under the support of Embassy of Japan in Ukraine, IOM and UAJC
2014- Author of the training course on «Franchising»
2012-Introduction of business standards in enterprises, prepared and implemented changes to the laws on commercial concession.
2011- Introduced “Franchising Code of Ethics Ukraine”.
2008- Organised and conducted European Football Championship among Students in in Kiev, Ukraine 2007- Student’s team of Ukraine 2-time champion of the World Cup among students national teams
2006- Established Student Football League of Ukraine (football and foot room)


Ihor Titov

administrative director, volunteer

A student of Kyiv National Economic University, photo reporter, web developer.

Organizer of the youth cultural activities within the framework of the art amateur performances. Co-organizer of the workshops, lectures and trainings. Co-founder of educational project “Necessary education”.

Sphere of interests: IT, web development, photo reportage, motion design.


Gyrenko Khrystyna 

head of information department and public relations, volunteer

Student of Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University, Financial and Economic Faculty.

She took an active part in psychological training meeting for volunteers of the NGO “Psychological Support and Rehabilitation of Free Choice”. Facilitator of the game simulation of climate negotiations. Coordinator of educational and cultural projects and events. Facilitator of the facilitator of the project “Volunteers School”.  The facilitator trainings of Leadership. Member of international projects “Integration camp of social entrepreneurship”, Gdańsk (Poland), “Keep calm and learn ­unity. Lessons for fu­ture generations”, Mazeikiai (Lithuania), “Study Tours to Poland”, Nowy Sacz (Poland).

Sphere of interests: the budget process at the local level, supports for local communities, social entrepreneurship, leadership development, youth work, youth exchanges.


Anastasija Sulima

head of the press, volunteer 

A student of Kyiv National Economic University.

Organizer of the youth cultural activities within the framework of the art amateur performances. Participant of youth exchanges in Poland, Lithuania. Coordinator of press office of “Poruch” and visits to orphanages. Co-organizer of the trainings, thematic activities in the field of sustainable development, social innovation and entrepreneurship.

Sphere of interests: photo-reportage, social, cultural and intellectual events for the youth, youth exchanges, social entrepreneurship, sustainable development, graphic design


DluhopolskyAlexander Dluhopolskyy


Ph.D., Professor of Economics, Director of the Ternopil National Economic University of Innovative Development and State Development.

He has experience in international projects TEMPUS (Leeds Metropolitan University, UK, 2004; Sapienza University, Italy, 2007), “Innovation and Leadership University” (University of Warsaw, Poland, 2014), Erasmus + (Krzyżowa, Poland, 2015).

Research interests: the public sector, public finance, social economy, anti-corruption reforms, reforms in education and science.




Vera Usyk


PhD in Economics, associate professor, Coordinator, Resource Center for Sustainable Development, Kyiv National Economics University (funded by the EU/UNDP Local Development).

She took part in the state program on the topic ‘The methods of measurement and state regulation of mobilization the intellectual potential of the national economy’, a semi-annual training ‘European Regional Development Model’ within the Grant of European Commission. Volunteer participates in the development of social and economic development, particularly in analytical research to identify the attitude of the population towards the urgent social problems, events and changes which are taking place in the city. Trainer, the Bukovel School of Academic Development, Ukraine, Trainer, training of EU/UNDP Local Development “Local Development CBA”, Project member, Implementing the University Strategy of Academic Integrity, Ukraine Higher Education Leadership Development Programme, British Council, Trainer, School of Municipal Management, National facilitator, Programme «Active citizens», British Council.

Sphere of interests: education, leadership, sustainable development

Research interests: macroeconomic analysis of the national economy, rules of macroeconomic policy, the effectiveness of municipal government.




Anna Skytova


Ph.D, assistant professor of business strategy in KNEU, certified project manager, certified business coach, facilitator. She has 15 years’ experience in business training and consulting (SNtSoft Tronic, MTS, Kyivstar, Nova Nordisk, JSC “Zaporizhstransformator”, OJSC Chernyhivhimvolokno Corporation “Arterium”, JSC “Kviza-trade,” ProCredit Bank, Eximbank, Raiffeisenbank Aval, UkrSibbank, Kraft Foods Ukraine, CJSC “BUDPROEKT”, JSC “Amper” ICC “Misto», Ruukki Ukraine, Lafarge, etc.).

15 years’ experience in the international programs (World Bank, USAID, PAUCI, Know-How Fund, Open Society Institute, Vienna IAS, British Council etc.) 12 years’ experience of project management and cooperation with the public authorities (Administration President of Ukraine, the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine, State Property Fund of Ukraine)



volonter 1Kelichavyy Arsen


Ph.D., associate professor KNEU named after V. Hetman.

Сonsultants of IOM within the project “Supporting recovery and sustainable solutions for internally displaced persons and the conflict-affected population in Ukraine”. The organizer, lecturer and trainer of international and national events on higher education, sustainable development, social entrepreneurship topics.

Sphere of interests: sustainable development, support for local communities, higher education



volonter 4Lydia Ayzikova


Lecturer in foreign languages ​​in Mykolaiv National University V.O.Suhomlynskoho. Hobbies – Foreign language as means of professional and personal development – Social aspects of sustainable development – Global competence for international leadership – Cross-cultural communication of today’s youth. International Summer School “Introduction to sustainable development strategies” Swedish Institute and Blekinge Institute of city Karlskrona, Sweden – professional development program “Human dimension in global environmental changes”, Center for the development of training courses in Central European University, Budapest, Hungary – University course «Democracy, Human Rights, and Gender – Global Perspectives in Education», Faculty of Social Sciences and the Department of Pedagogy of the University.Umeå, Sweden.




Govorun Nadezhda



Lecturer in Germanic Philology in the Kyiv University of Boris Grinchenko, a member of the volunteer group “Strip after the strip”. Sphere of research interests – intercultural communication.





volonter 2Valentine Zasadko


Ph.D. Senior researcher of the regional branch of the National Institute for Strategic Studies in Lviv.





12189694_748261968619082_4643689153504097327_nOlha Kryvoruchko


Assistant at Ministry of education and science of Ukraine. Master in management of organizations and administration Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University.

Research interests: macroeconomic analysis of the national economy, rules of macroeconomic policy, the effectiveness of municipal government.





Oksana Melnyk


Ph.D in Economic Science, associate professor of business strategy department in KNEU.

National Facilitator of seminars and workshops:

– training: “Leadership Strategy for the Development of the Civic Society” in School of Senior Civil Service;
– strategic session “Strategy Formation for the City Development” of the Kamjanetsk-Podilski City Council.

Field of interest: business strategy, strategic processes in enterprises, change management, economic security, management of intangible assets, management of social projects.

DSC_3885Vitaly Pazdriy


Lecturer in the department of business strategy in KNEU, CEO of Intellectual Technologies Company, Co-Creator of powerful Ukrainian business simulation ViAL +, is a national facilitator of British Council.

In 2011 was elected as a President of the JCI Youth Ukraine.

Organizer of numerous socially oriented business competitions for children and youth in Ukraine. Works on improvement of the content of business education in local schools and universities, and on principles of education of the new Ukrainian business elite.

Is an expert in matters of: implementation of business, education at all levels, reforming the educational space, the formation of professional competencies and soft skills for youth and professionals, using the program Active Citizens for the development of socially active communities, deepen the cooperation of all educational levels, businesses, communities, countries.


12417621_179602032403342_7682846069042467852_nMatusevych Tetiana


PhD in Philosophy of Education,Head of the International Cooperation and European Integration Office, Lecturer at Social Policy Department at National Pedagogical Dragomanov University.

Organizer, co-organizer, moderator and participant of numerous conferences and round tables on issues of gender equality in education and social work, conflicts and peace-building, implementation of policies of equality.

Deputy Editor-in-chief of the journal Philosophy of EducationMember of International Society for Universal Dialogue, European Network on Gender Equality in Higher Education, B.F.Trentowsky Society of Philosophical Pedagogy (Poland), Central European Philosophy of Education Society (CEUPES). National facilitator of the British Council’s “Active Citizens” Program; Coordinator of the Program at National Pedagogical Dragomanov University;
Erasmus + Coordinator at National Pedagogical Dragomanov University.

Sphere of interests: activism, youth exchanges, social entrepreneurship, higher education, leadership development

Research interests: philosophy of education, social development, social activism, gender education, social philosophy, equality politics and policies.

Roman Pomazan


Architect and urban planner of Urban Sustain Architecture group.

Continious practice since 2008, founder of UrbanLabKyiv, commissioned designs – large scale housing communities of Parkove Misto, Komfort Town.

Sphere of interests: sustainable development, public space




Svitlana Garashchenko


The Gender responsive budgeting in Ukraine” Project financed by Sida National expert.

Chairperson of Kirovograd regional youth non-governmental organization gender center “KOLO”.

Sphere of interests: Gender responsive budgeting. Analyses and strategic Gender equality, Analysis of gender issues of local programs. Gender mainstreaming at the national and local level. Leadership. Team building. Management of a non-government organization.


1Alexander Rumyantsev


Сommunity activist, videobloger, co-founder of the production studio “Oleksfilm”

He took part in nationwide film festivals. The winner of the second season of the city competition  “Strategy”. Implemented number of projects including – documentary series of Kyiv “Sketches of the ancient city.” Promotes research project “TakePrykolneKino.” An author of some social experiments and researches.

In 2015 he received certificates of participation in the international workshop “Economy Sustainable Development” and the course Active Citizens of the British Council.

As a public activist, pays attention to the problems of youth. During the presidential elections in Ukraine and the Verkhovna Rada in 2014 was part of the mobilization campaign “Your Voice”, which called young people to vote.

Research areas: sustainable economic development in the context of globalization, Screen Arts.



Anastasia Bezhevets


Co-organizer of the training “Public Choice” for orphans in an orphanage in the city of Gorodnya.

Worked in JCI Kyiv, and helped with the implementation of the project TOYP (Ten Outstanding Young Persons). She organized lots of educational lectures, discussions and workshops for young people.

In 2015 Anastasia was a volunteer in Swedish – Ukrainian business forum, received certificates for participation in the international workshop “Economics of Sustainable Development” and took part in  Active Citizens training from the British Council.

Anastasia is a winner of the US State Department competition – Study of the US Institutes in the sphere of social entrepreneurship.



Anastasia Smirnova


Activist, student of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics, organizer of cultural and educational activities for young people with a focus on the healthy lifestyles. She took part in such events as an exhibition of vintage cars ‘horn’, worked with veterans on the ‘Day of Remembrance’, participated in festival of roller-skaters, festival of Ukrainian rock music, charity events in orphanages.

Anastasia was a volunteer during the European Football Championship “Euro 2012” in Kyiv. She provided cultural information for tourists and foreign guests. She also was a participant in a workshop ‘Successful Practices of Green Innovations’.



3Anastasia Halitova


Student of Kyiv National Economic University.

Helped with the organization of the international festival “Parade of Cultures” in 2014. She took part in charity events for the St. Nicholas Day. Facilitator of international round tables, symposia and conferences.






Svitlana Pozniak


Ms. Pozniak is a 4th year student of Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University, Faculty of International Economics and Management. She makes researches in the field of international competitiveness of countries, international migration, human capital. A participant of CFA Institute Research Challenge A volunteer of NGO “Poruch”, where coordinates educational projects.





Vladyslav Dementiev


A student of Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University. The winner of the nationwide competition in economics, competitions of scientific research. Participated in international scientific events.

Coordinator and co-organizer of intellectual forums on reforming education, game simulations, public lectures, trainings, international workshops.



12003173_10207661424042483_5428497993069602464_nOlesya Yakubchik 


Ph.D, assistant professor of international accounting and audit of Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University





ky-I6TC-fPERoman Nekoliak


PhD student at V.M. Koretsky Institute of State and Law of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Roman graduated from Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University, gained the qualification of Lawyer and hold Bachelor’s and Master’s (with honour) degrees in Law. During studies, he also participated in additional training program in Media Law at the University.

Beside taking part in PhD seminars and conferences related to legal studies or relevant parliamentary Committee hearings on reforms in higher education, he also participated in workshops and attended lecture series offered by British Council Ukraine, by Offices of both the Fulbright Program and Kennan Institute in Kyiv, Civic Institute for international education. Active participation in open discussions, public intellectuals meetings in America House Kyiv are part of his extra-curricular activities

Fields of research interest: management of science, technology and innovation, higher education policy and organization studies, public policy and higher education, development of university-industry partnerships, international student mobility, academic integrity, globalization and internationalization of higher education, philosophy of culture and education.


12443126_1754108938158278_267428369_nVladyslav Korin


is an activist, coordinator of social projects of NGO “Poruch”, student of Kyiv National Economic University.

Organized the project “Write a letter to a solder” in summer camps in the South of Ukraine. Takes part in lots of educational lectures, discussions and workshops for young people.

Sofiia Khomiak


Student of Kyiv National Economics University named after Vadym Hetman, Faculty of International Economics and Management.

Participant in the Ukrainian-Polish project – Integration camp of social entrepreneurship, excursions for children from the Donetsk in Kyiv, representative of the NGO “Poruch” in festival “The will of community”.
Sphere of interests: sustainable development, youth work, social entrepreneurship

Olena Yevsieieva


Student of National Aerospace University”Kharkiv Aviation Institute”.

Coordinator of the project “School of Volunteers” under the project “Support of local communities in Ukraine due to the increased number of IDPs’ “, technical assistant of Manager of the project “Community voice in local government” under the project “Decentralization brings better results and efficiency” (DOBRE).
Sphere of interests: youth work, work with children, children with disabilities, IDP’s



Nongovernmental organization “Poruch”


email: info@poruch.ua




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