Angels wanted! Become a personal angel for kids with cancer

Volunteer’s initiative “Letters of the angel” is launched in Kiev since 2010. Volunteers are becoming friends – “angels” for children with cancer in the hospital. They send them letters with words of support, give presents, play games and sometimes they can help financially.

Each week, a personal angel of child send “Mail”: it can be a letter or postcard + small gift or anything interesting. The goal is to support and distract from the hospital day routine. For parents of those little kids understanding that their children is supported by other people is extremely important, because parents feel a lot of pressure, and, sometimes, much more than a child.

The project works in four Hospitals: 
-National Cancer Institute 
-SCRM (Chernobyl Center)  
-Kyiv City Clinical Cancer Center 

Project website:
Current information about the children who are waiting for their fellow angels on their needs and the seizure can be found here.
We are looking for “Angels”, anyone who could help and simply become a friend to children and would welcome them on holidays, and the main – carry out their dreams, as a real Angel.