The Charitable organization of Charity fund “Svoi”. Assistance for IDPs


Since the events of the winter 2013-2014, a group of activists of Kiev who were organized through social networks, provided medical care to the protesters on the Maidan. In February 2014 there was a public platform “A hundred of volunteers”.

After the annexation of the Crimea, people from “A hundred of volunteers” were involved in work with the Crimean refugees. With the escalation of the conflict in the east of Ukraine new areas of volunteerism began to develop. As a result, there was a final division of volunteers –some of them provided military aid to the wounded and others provided assistance to IDPs.

Since April 2014, our team is engaged in the problems of internally displaced persons (IDPs). At the beginning of the conflict the main goals of our organization were to evacuate IDPs and to provide them with shelter, food and essentials things. At that time we had about 27 compact settlements in Kiev and Kiev region. When it became clear that this conflict would not be solved in a short time, the flow of IDPs was growing and the government was not involved in solving the problems of the civilian population, we had made a decision about changing the format of assistance.

Our group of volunteers decided to register a charity fund “Svoi” (08.07.2014).

One of the major projects of our Fund had become the center of assistance (Frolovskaya, 9/11.) The center was opened 05.08.2014. During that time more than 25,000 people in Kyiv and Kyiv region received their help in the fund.


The main directions of assistance:

  • Food packages; baby food;
  • daily hot meals (with the help of the Maltese Charity Service);
  • assistance in finding accommodation (together with the organization “Save Ukraine”);
  • help with the essential things: clothes, shoes, furniture, appliances, household chemicals, personal care products, strollers, kits for pregnant women and infants, school preparation, etc .;
  • psychological help;
  • employment (in conjunction with the volunteer initiative Employment Center);
  • providing first therapeutic aid;
  • help with buying medicaments;
  • Organization of events for children;
  • assistance to people living in the frontal zone. Volunteers of our center have been collected and sent to the East more than 200 tons of humanitarian aid, including food, medicines.
  • Assistance to medical institutions in Ukraine: Medications and medical equipment was sent to medical institutions in the area of ​​the ATO: Severodonetsk, Lisichansk, Novoaydar, Starobelsk. And also: Kiev, Irpen, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Cherkasy, Chernihiv etc., Wherea lot of wounded people and the people who were in captivity are receiving some treatment.
  • During its work, the fund “Svoi” was receiving humanitarian aid from abroad: from Ukrainian diaspora all around the world as well as from the BF. For example, a Danish NGO “Help Ukrainian Children” gave us more than 70 tons of humanitarian aid for the needs of displaced people in the whole country.



The charitable organization Charity fund “SVOi”. 

Address Str. Melnikova, 46A

Phone (044) 233-09-91

The head of the Supervisory Board: LesyaLitvinova (Alexandra Koval) (066) 644-45-50

Executive Director: Sukhorukova O.S. (050) 384-76-38

Coordinator of the work with IDPs: Elena Lebed (093) 058-91-63



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