Enactus champions from all ove the world meet every year at the World Cup, where they present the results of their projects to the esteemed group of international business leaders. The World Cup is an example of how Enactus teams are reaching positive impact on the world and effectively unites the network of students and volunteers. The victory at national competitions in Kiev brought the team of KNEU an opportunity to present their projects to an international and prestigious jury in Pekin who highly praised the results of the projects, so that Ukrainian team took the 3rd place in the first division, only losing to teams from Germany and Canada –2 worldwide leaders in implementing important social projects.

Enactus KNEU is a team of students of Kyiv National Economic University, which consists of team captain – Yaroslav Shevchuk, Ohrimets Tatyana, Klymenko Mykola, Lyipka Sergii, Pashtepa Igor and team mentor – Prof. Larysa Antoniuk. All these people show on their own examples that it is easy to change the world – all you need is a strong desire and a maximum of effort.

During the two years of its operation team Enactus KNEU, which is a participant of social projects, implemented several initiatives aimed at improving environmental and economic aspects of society. Having spent more than 10,000 hours, students have realized projects that are important not only for Ukraine but also for the international community.

The largest project of Enactus KNEU is “iLearn” – an online platform for training orphans and children from disadvantaged families to pass EIT. For many years KNEU students are helping pupils of general specialized boarding school of the c. Gorodnya. Volunteer assistance in the implementation of the project provides Associate Professor of Political Economy, Executive Director of the “Poruch” – Maria Tishchenko. The project “iLearn” is giving 540 children a chance to change their future. Online platform provides possibility to bring up a generation of educated young people, giving them a strong base and the ability to enter higher educational establishments.

As for the other project, which caused considerable admiration among local experts, that is the students’ consulting group “Spark”. Today, many small and medium-sized Ukrainian companies are in need of creative ideas which will help them to keep the market or even to promote more rapid development. However, professional services are quite expensive, and only big players can afford them. What can the others do in this situation? “Spark” was created to solve this problem. It brought together small and medium businesses and talented students – future professionals. This project opened opportunities for students to get practical skills in the university, using their theoretical knowledge, realizing real projects for real business. Businesses also gained an opportunity to get advice that will help their business at much lower cost.

The project «Green University» was presented at the international competition in Pekin – it is the first step towards energy efficient and environmentally friendly future. For the first year of the project the students managed to save about 5 tons of paper and 50 kg of wasted energy (batteries).

The most progressive students’ achievement is the creation of mobile applications Green Map – it’s an interactive map that helps users to find their way to the nearest household waste disposal center in two clicks.



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