Intellectual workshop in Kiev


DSC_0712Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University hosted Intellectual workshop on the highlighted topic “The role of academic science in social innovation and social entrepreneurship”, supported by Swedish Institute, Swedish Embassy, NGO “Poruch”, info partner “Osvitni trendy”on 26-27 January 2016.

Participants of the workshop were lecturers, young scientists, students, members of NGO’s and experts,which came from different regions of the country and are engaged in the field of sustainable development, social innovation and social entrepreneurship. Swedish Institute presented grant opportunities for scientists and students.

First day thematic area of the Intellectual workshop was “Innovation, sustainability and regulation.” Main speakers were Fredrik Björk – lecturer in “Social Innovation and Environmental Science” urban studies department of the University of Malmo, Sweden; Tom Nilsson, Ph.d., Lecturer of the University of Malmo, Sweden.

Fredrik Björk offered participants interesting lectures on the following topics: “Social innovation, sustainable development and the state”, “Social innovation and social entrepreneurship,” explained their relevance and proposed possible real life decisions on example of their own experience – the creation of social enterprise YallaTrappan. In 2014 Fredrik Björk was part of the team that developed the “Rules for Social Innovation Ecosystem in Sweden” – initiative, funded by VINNOVA, the Swedish governmental innovation agency.During the Round Table, participants were sharing the ideas, researches and suggestions on practical implementation of sustainable development and social innovation concepts, were establishing new contacts between program participants.

The theme of the second seminar was “The role of academic research in social innovation and social entrepreneurship”, held on 27 January.

DSC_0911Tom Nilsson highlighted the importance of the cooperation between universities, NGO’s and the state. Should be also noted active participation in the workshop of Kakhovka’s mayor. As mentioned Fredrik Björk, cooperation between municipalities, NGO’s and universities on a local level is leading to changes on the global level.

Another equally interesting speaker was Marian Vonhrey, guest from Slovakia, who shared their experiences in social innovation and its role in modern life of his country. This problem touched the hearts of the workshop participants, therefore after the speech they were actively participating in the discussion.

NGO “Poruch” volunteers held a two-day city tours for guests of the workshop.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our guests from Sweden and Slovakia for the interesting lectures and also to all our participants for raising the problem concerning social innovations. Thank you for your support and look forward to close and effective cooperation in the future.

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