IV All-Ukrainian Youth Business Tournament “Firm Strategy-2017”

16195022_1674081116224632_8639523917436810573_n (1)IV All-Ukrainian Youth Business Tournament “Firm Strategy-2017” is a tournament, which helps the youth choose profession as well as acquire entrepreneurship and economic skills. The tournament is supported by the Ministry of Education and Science, the Institute of the Modernization of the Education Content, Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economics University, Kharkiv National University of Economics, “Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine”, an international consulting company KPMG, NGO “Poruch”, “The Company of Intellectual Technologies “.

The aim of the tournament is to identify members of future economic and business elite, to encourage young people to deliberate and accurate choice of profession, particularly in the field of economics, to target them on effective lifelong learning using modern information and communication technologies, further self-realization and gaining their first experience.

Vitalii Pazdrii is tournament organizer, Co-Creator of powerful Ukrainian business simulation ViAL+,  expert of NGO “Poruch”, author of over 40 publications on the topic of business simulations and games, proactive management, tourism development; Lecturer in the department of business strategy in KNEU named after Vadym Hetman.

Target groups are students of economic and management specializations and young people who want to run business or/and build a career from all regions of Ukraine.

The information campaign includes more than 1.5 mln. Target group and other stakeholders via the following sources: the Internet, text messages, printed materials (flayers, posters), direct advertising at universities, radio, press-conference, media.

For the tournament professional software is used business simulation ViAL+. This simulator operates on OS Windows environment and allows each player to become a direct participant in economic and administrative processes. This is due to the fact that during the tournament the participants get a training company under their control in the interactive space.

The main objective is to establish production and develop their business so it can become a leader in profits and have a leading position in the market. Market environment is created by the participants, with predetermined amount of initial capital, industry and settings of the “external world” (population base, their solvency, the overall trends in consumer preferences). Thus each participant is as close to real operating conditions as possible.

This year the ІV All-Ukrainian Business Tournament “The Firm Strategy – 2017” will be held from 20th February to 22nd April, 2017.

The registration for the tournament is already open and available on kint.com.ua in the Firm Strategy section. The participation is free for students. The expenses of the finalists will be covered partly on the journey to Kyiv and fully on the accommodation. The prizes for finalists and winners will be provided by the sponsors and organizers of the tournament.


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Шановні Друзі!

Раді повідомити, що для зручного та більш інформативного висвітлення нашої діяльності, ми оновили сайт.
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