NGO “Poruch” hosted international «Digital Storytelling Workshop»

IMG_1370On August 6th – 10th NGO “Poruch” and «International Center for Intercultural Research, Learning and Dialogue» (ICIRLD) in Ukraine carried out the international project «Digital Storytelling Workshop – Artistic Self-Portrait of Young Ukrainians». 
The event was held within the programme «Step Beyond Travel Grant» by European Cultural Foundation with the support of the “Open Society” Foundation. The other partners in Ukraine included NGO «Educatio», Economics and Management Department of Kyiv National Economical University named Vadym Hetman, educational website “Educational Trends”. Tea-breaks during all the events and presents to participants were supplied by TM «Askold».
Previously, there had been orgainised a competition on the NGO “Poruch” webpage and in social network “Facebook”, according to the result of which 12 most active participants were selected. Then facilitators Kasia Kowalska and Ana Farelo worked with them during the workshop. Thus the workshop was attended by young activists from all over Ukraine, including NGO “Poruch” volunteers Christina Gyrenko, Olena Lisichkina-Melnyk and Ihor Titov. The participants learned a new way to tell stories based on voiceover and provided with video materials: a set of pictures or short inserts of various videos.
IMG_1237The workshop consisted of 4 stages: writing own story, sound recording, selecting the material for the video, editing and presentation of the video.
On the first stage every participant had to make up their own story. The process of writing was based on the methodology “from longer to shorter”, that means the participants first wrote a big text, then shortened it to a 3-4-minute text.
During the second stage the trainees selected pictures from among their personal ones or on the Internet to complete each video in order to reflect feeling and emotions while watching the material.
The third stage was rather technical as during it the results of the previous stages were collected, so every participant had a video for the last stage.
In the final everyone showed their videos made by the technology “Digital Storytelling” to be assessed by the other participants of the workshop.
IMG_1502On the 11th of August a networking session was held within the workshop «Digital Storytelling Workshop – Artistic Self-Portrait of Young Ukrainians». The session was attended by the representatives of Ukrainian non-governmental organisations, higher education institutions and governmental bodies.
The event was aimed at sustainable partnering of Ukrainian and international organisations in conducting joint youth projects.
The network participants shared the best practices and methods of youth working, learnt about international projects of ICIRLD, in which Ukrainian youth can also participate. Also, the parties discussed the strategies of potential cooperation and the possibilities of introduction “Digital Storytelling” format in studies.


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Шановні Друзі!

Раді повідомити, що для зручного та більш інформативного висвітлення нашої діяльності, ми оновили сайт.
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