Round table on Ukrainian initiative “City of Solidarity”


July 5, 2017 the head of NGO “PORUCH” Oleg Lashchuk participated in an open discussion on the obstacles and achievements of the integration of immigrants into the local community, organized and conducted by the Agency for Refugees (UNHCR) in cooperation with the authorities of city Mariupol within Ukrainian initiative “Cities of solidarity” , Which celebrates its first anniversary.

Mariupol was the first in Ukraine to receive this award for the commitment to the spirit of solidarity shown by the leadership and the community, that took over 100 thousand immigrants since the beginning of the armed conflict in the east of Ukraine.

During the event, the UN Refugee Representative in Ukraine, Pablo Mateu, emphasized that Mariupol could be an example of a successful implementation of the project. A Deputy Minister of temporarily occupied areas and IDPs in Ukraine Georgiy Tuka has noted that we should direct the conversation into the stream of help for communities as a whole, not separately for internally displaced persons.

Roundtable participants – representatives of local authorities, international donors and embassies – discussed world experience of finding and implementing durable solutions, including the provision of social housing for IDPs.

Local authorities from Kyiv, Mariupol, Sloviansk, Kherson, Poltava and Vinnitsa shared their experience and presented own strategies for local communities transition from humanitarian response to development.

In their speeches, representatives of municipal governments also provided infrastructure projects that would help cities to accept and integrate immigrants without social infrastructure overload in an easy way.

Ambassadors of European countries, international experts on the reconstruction and construction of housing from the Balkans and Georgia took part in the discussion.