Refugee integration, human rights and the fight against hate speech were discussed during the Erasmus+ training in Armenia

16602644_738002213028558_749129059259045846_nOn 2nd – 9th February, 2017 in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, there was held a training course “Home” in the framework of Erasmus + programme of mobility of youth workers . The project has been implemented by the Association des Egyptiens au Luxembourg, AEL a.s.b.l in partnership with the Armenian Organisation “World Independent Youth Union” and Russian “Academy of Innovation”.

The event united 32 youth activists and youth workers from Ukraine, Armenia, Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg and Russia.

The project is aimed at strengthening the role of young people in promotion diversity and maintaining dialogue with European communities facing the problem of refugees; developing practical competencies of participants in the promotion of human rights, fight against the hate speech online; strengthening the role of youth workers in inclusive processes.

Referring to intercultural and non-formal educational techniques such as group discussions, presentations, sharing personal experience, simulation exercises and networking, participants discussed the following topics:

– peace-building and competences of a “peace worker”;
– causes of refugee crisis, geopolitical situation in the Middle East;
– human rights: definition and implementation;
– integration of refugees and internally-displaced people in host communities;
– hate speech online and fight against it.

In addition, the coaches presented the successful cases of refugee integration in Armenia and Luxembourg. Meanwhile, guest experts shared their experience on integration and work with refugees.

Thus, the participants not only increased their competence in promotion diversity and tolerance, integration of refugees and IDPs in their countries, but also established contacts with partners for the future cooperation.

Ukraine was represented in the project by Vladyslav Dementiev, the Administrative Director of NGO “Poruch”, Iryna Shyrokova (GIZ, the project “Supporting the Local Communities in Ukraine in the Context of the Increased Number of Internally Displaced Persons”) and Alona Glazkova (KIEC European Club). The activists described the situation with internally displaced persons in Ukraine, shared the experience of their organisations in IDPs integration. In particular, social projects of NGO “Poruch” were presented: “Volunteer School”, “Angels of Peace”, “Donate a Ukrainian book to the Donbas libraries “ as well as the facilitation sessions under the IOM project “Stabilization of Communities in Donbas”.

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Pictures by WIYU


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З повагою,
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Шановні Друзі!

Раді повідомити, що для зручного та більш інформативного висвітлення нашої діяльності, ми оновили сайт.
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