The cycle of documentary movies “Essays of the ancient city”


The life of today’s youth is behind the screen of electronic device. They live in the Internet, and it is not news. However, it has a bad influence on their health as well as memory. In particular, living in the century of information technology, we do not perceive large information – do not read long articles, thick books etc. And, as a result, we do not even know the history of our city.

Modern researchers return to a detailed study of the history of Kyiv more often, but always forget that they make out their work in a too scientific style. Therefore they are not popular and do not belong to the class of popular literature, at the same time containing interesting and important information, which, unfortunately, only learns by a narrow circle of specialists or historians-amateurs. After reading these sources, we would like to figure out the most interesting facts and show how they are perceived by an ordinary resident of Kiev, who very often does not care about the detailed recess in history. A small movie as a form of presentation of these materials meets our requirements best of all because it helps to highlight the most interesting topics in the history of the city and to show them to the public.

The main idea of ​​the project

To create a series of movies about the history of Kyiv and its nowadays in a form that is accessible to the youth.

The relevance of the project

The educational nature of our project must bring a key information to the audience. Compared to other historical projects we do not use scientific style and try to avoid dry facts and figures – this is another step toward understanding with the audience. The originality of the project is that it will make no generalized view of the development of Kyiv, and will figure out interesting moments, events, and facts which normally do not mention. The newcomers are usually very interested in these events in terms of studying history.

The purpose of the project

To cover the value of a number of personalities of the political, artistic, economic development of the XVIII – XX centuries. As a result – an attempt to restore the culture of memory in modern Ukrainian media space.

The main stages of the project

The first stage: script writing, filming on locations, assembling the material.

The second stage: distribution of the videos. It can be social networks as well as tour operators, travel agencies, Ukrainian TV channels, Kyiv museums, monitors in subway trains etc.

Main expected results

The practical significance of the results is that they will be used to promote historical information among pupils and students who spend little time for such things today.

SWOT-analysis of the project

Strengths and weaknesses
The project has an available form and contains serious but simplified scientific information. This makes the work unique and useful not only for tourists but also for local people. On the Ukrainian television there have already been similar projects that were characterized by good preparation, but at the same time they were very subjective and too scientific. The audience of those projects was very small.

Opportunities and threats
The study opens other aspects of the history of Kiev: historical injustices, lost, forgotten personalities and achievements. Maybe the issue of their rehabilitation can be raised. (For example, we have made an initiative to renovate the name of A. Struve in the memory of people who live in Kiev). Weak technical capabilities of the team.

The needs of the project:

Financial resources:
• Camera (SLR)
• Microphone for video cameras
• Payment for the sound studio.
Total: 50 000 UAH

Intellectual resources:
• Kyiv researchers, linguists

Alexander Rumyantsev, 4th year student of Kyiv National Economic University, video blogger, who has 10-year-experience in video filming and assembling.
Yekymenko Olekciy, 5th year student of National Aviation University, journalist, screenwriter, has experience in similar projects – more than 5 years.
Prototypes of planned clips can be viewed at:




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