The final meeting of the program “Leadership School”


On May 16th, “Kyiv City House” hosted the final meeting of the program “Leadership School” as a part of the creative association of student vocational educational institutions “Leader”.

The facilitators of the training were volunteers of the NGO “Poruch” Christina Hyrenko, Anastasia Sulyma and Vladislav Dementiev.

The final workshop was aimed at developing leadership skills of the team members and effective communication. The training program included both ice-breakers and simulation games together with discussions. During one of the exercises, the participants were able to share their experience in the project and determine their leadership achievements of the year of participation in the project.

Coffee-break during the event provided the TM “Askold”.

All the participants were awarded the certificates for successful completion of the course and symbolic medals.

It has to be said that the project “School of Leadership” is implemented by the experts of NGO “Poruch” at the initiative of the management of professional education – Department of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of the city council.

We would like to say thank you to all the young leaders for their active participation! The next meetings of the association will be held already in the new school year. See you soon!