Training on participation and communication for Donbas communities



IMG_2199Within the project “Support to stabilize communities that have suffered from consequences of the conflict in Donbas” consultants of International Organization for Migration – NGO “Poruch” experts Mariia Tishchenko, Jana Bryk, Ganna Skytova held two-day training in communities of Kostiantynivka, Lysychansk Bakhmut, Severodonetsk, town settlement Borivskoho, Druzhkivka, Kramatorsk and Sviatogirsk. The project is financed by the Government of Japan and implemented by the International Organization for Migration.

The two-day training on “Effective Communication and Participation” during the period of November – December 2016 included case studies, simulation games and activities. Representatives of the initiative group learned about methods of communications between community-government and business from practical exercises and games “Public hearings”, “Power levels” and so on. Participants learned to choose a leader, found ways of managing, communicating with each other by a certain scheme, showed the ability to establish communication links.

Members of the initiative groups learned about the community development strategy, ways of integrating and involving internally displaced persons, ethnic minorities and people with disabilities to an active social life.

The initiative groups analyzed the needs of their communities, existing cooperation with local authorities and discussed the successes and challenges of the social projects they have implemented. IOM experts preferred methods of interactive and informal approach to learning.

 Feedback from participants:

“You overcome the obstacles in our souls.”
(Participant of the training in c.Kramatorsk)

“Solving local problems is possible through community cohesion and interaction with the government”
(Participant of the training in c.Lysychansk)

“Community – is power. I should be an active citizen, so I can make changes in my community. “
(Participant of the training in c.Druzhkivka)

With the new knowledge and skills community groups have already started to prepare development plans for their communities.

The project continues financial support for social initiatives in eight communities that bacame its beneficiaries. Thanks to last year project in Bakhmut, Sviatogorsk, Kramatorsk, Borivskyi, Lysychansk, Severodonetsk, Druzhkivka and Konstantinovka a number of social infrastructure were resumed and equipment and materials required for the proposed community events social cohesion were purchased. This year communities have been working with social integration, interesting workshops, exhibitions of art, concerts, thematic round tables, open room of psychological relief, where professional psychologists provide individual assistance and conducting group training to overcome stress, anxiety, develop skills of effective communication create incentives for personal development.

The project will continue until March 2017 and will cover 20 communities, which residents will attend repaired social infrastructure and will participate in activities of social cohesion.



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