Volunteers of the NGO «Poruch» were the participants of the Volunters’ Meeting of Kharkiv region


Recently at the National Academy of the National Guard of Ukraine took place the Third annual meeting of volunteers of Kharkiv region. The students of higher educational institutions presented their projects, competed and acquainted with the activities of the National Guard of Ukraine.

“The volunteers have always done and are doing now such a great and responsible task as helping to people. Today, in the first place in Ukraine, the trust is just to volunteers, and I am pleased that in Kharkiv at all levels supported by this smart initiative “– said the President of the Kharkiv University Consortium Lyudmila Belova.

Also the Head of the Academy Major General Sergei Sokolovsky welcomed all those present and wished them victories in competitions.

The event was opened by the show of a brass band of the Academy, drummers, Carabinieri, fencers and the spectacular performance of the special purpose platoon.

At the Cultural Center of the institution the representatives of all universities of Kharkiv had made presentations of their volunteer projects and had reported on the activities during the year.

Teams of civilian schools competed in fourteen locations where had shown their shooting skills in a multimedia dash, their knowledge of the history of Ukraine and their ability to provide the first aid. It was also conducted several workshops, trainings, presentations of latest models of equipment and weapons used by the National Guard of Ukraine. The cadets of higher military educational institutions competed in a combat shooting, paramilitary relay race, tug of war and norms in handling weapons. After the competition an interesting concert program was presented to event participants too.

At the Third regional meeting were reporting, competing and working 14 volunteer groups,  270 students of higher educational institutions, cadets and students from 26 secondary schools, the Consortium of young psychologists of Kharkiv, the Regional Station of young tourists. Also at the event were attended the volunteers of the  NGO «Poruch», who presented the results of the project Volunteers’ School.

Our volunteers Khrystyna Hyrenko and Anastasia Sulima had conducted a game-quest “The Volunteers’ Way”, during which the teams had showed unity, knowledge of the history of volunteering and the ability to provide the first aid.

The most active volunteers of Kharkiv region, which have contributed to the development of volunteerism, were awarded with the Departmental awards of the Ministry of Interior, the National Guard of Ukraine and the Academy. It’s nice that among the awarded were graduates of Volunteers School Angela Denysenko and Sava Chuykov. Their victory and selfless volunteer work were appreciated with Honorable award “For devotion to Ukraine”.

With great pleaser we give congratulations to our volunteers and wish them  continued success, joy of their good deeds and inexhaustible source of inspiration and energy. We hope that every year the ranks of volunteers will be replenished with new citizens, which will bring more useful to their Motherland.